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Drum Lessons

It doesn't matter what style of music you are into or how old you are, we can can help. We have teachers specialising in all styles of drumming including Rock, Funk, Jazz and Latin. Our experienced teachers can also help students with reading, technique, timing, live and studio playing and drum kit set up and tuning. You can learn your favourite song with your teacher, then play that song at one of our concerts. We also specialise in guiding students through drum exams as well if desired.

Our lessons are 1/2 an hour long, once a week. We can also arrange 1 hour lessons weekly or multiple 1/2 hour lessons per week.
Parents are more than welcome to sit in on lessons to monitor their child's progress.
We have lessons running 7 days a week (subject to teacher availability) in comfortable air-conditioned studios.

Phone 55 963 727
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